Weekly Wellness Guide

Everyone is scared of cancer. The growing cancer awareness we all have is definitely an indication that cancer is increasing at alarming levels. An unhealthy lifestyle, genes, radiation, viruses and industrial chemicals are the causes of cancer. When an unhealthy lifestyle is determined as the cause, these would include excessive consumption of fats and highly acidic foods; processed foods are also included. Other than that, heavy drinking of alcohol and commercial juice heavily laden with chemicals, smoking and living a stressful life will all contribute to cancer.

How can we combat these free radicals and eventually lead a life free from cancer? Here are the top three recommendations most healthcare professionals will agree to:


For most people, eating nutritious foods particularly vegetables and fruits which have high fiber content is not exactly appealing. The oh-so-yummy fatty foods and the cured, processed and smoked meat are just one of the several foods that are hard to resist. Try not to be tempted and instead, opt for lean meat, fruits, vegetables, fish and eggs. However, be conscious with the sources of these foods. Opt for the ones which are organic versus those that are possibly contaminated by insecticides and pesticides.

Drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day is, as always, reiterated. Healthy juices have become such fads; nonetheless, be wary of some beverages that claim health benefits but in truth are just chemically-processed which could be harmful. Alcohol should be avoided although some would contend that drinking wine in moderation could actually prevent cancer. To be on the safe side, drinking in moderation is the key.


Quit smoking as the elements present in tobacco and cigarettes have been linked to cancer specifically lung, colon and breast cancer. You are not the only one affected by the harmful smoke, the ones around you also have increased risk of cancer.

Radiation exposure is not only confined to x-rays and the like. This should be minimized. Exposure to the scorching heat of the sun is also attributed to cancer. It is therefore recommended to apply sun block so as to avoid the ultraviolet rays of the sun from penetrating the skin.

Included in these hazardous exposures would be the ever-popular asbestos; coal and soot from industrial companies should be clearly avoided.


As you grow older, you have to undergo yearly screenings to determine if there are indications of cancer in your body. Blood workups like PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen), Pap’s smear, chest x-ray,  rectal examination among others should be undertaken.

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